KF 3 bulan dari 95kg turun ke 80kg

Selamat pagi dan selamat beraktifitas untuk Admins dan semua teman2pagi ini...Saya penasaran sudah lama jg gak nimbang BB and out of curiosity this morning my weight down to 80.4 kg after three months doing Ketogenic diet started with my weight around 95 kg and over all I am feeling good,once again my big thank you to Admins Ketogenic Indonesia for your support and all my friends here without mentioning individual names because so many of my lovely and kind friends that support me along the way here...Over all I am feeling good....My Ketogenic diet are continue until I reach my target around 75-77 Kg and I am gonna maintained my weight at around 75 -77 kg...I’ve got 5 kg to go guys and please wish me luck ya....Hehehe...Happy Ketogenic to you all guys

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